PowerPack for Bullet Train

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is a collection of essential addons for the BulletTrain Rails SaaS starter kit:

Demo Mode

  • allows you deploy a copy of your app bypassing authentication
  • seed demo team(s), user(s), and some app resources
  • switch between users, teams, and roles

Automated Install with

bin/rails g bt_power_pack:demo_mode:install


Automated Install with

bin/rails g bt_power_pack:announcements:install

Table Filtering (beta)

Automated Install with

bin/rails g bt_power_pack:filters:install


Use your trusted Super Scaffolding skills to set up table filtering. For example, the following command will set everything up for filtering your Campaign tables by title and status:

bin/rails g super_scaffold:bt_power_pack:filter Campaign title:text_field status:super_select

Supported field types (for now):

- text_field

- super_select

- more to come soon!


Known TODOs:

  • Join Models
  • Debouncing Keyboard Events
  • Eject filter bar partial

Inline Editing (coming soon)

Notifications (coming soon)

Note: Apparently Rails is getting its own Action Notifier framework, so I'll hold back on this one for a bit: https://github.com/rails/rails/issues/50454

Hotwire ComboBox and Command Palette (coming soon)

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PowerPack for Bullet Train

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